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We are a house studio in Shibuya, Japan.
The theme is the good old French ballet class.

A large window where the green through the window shines.

And old circus stage… White wall with an expression …

There is also plenty of large furniture such as a bath, bed and sofa.

It’s a quiet and open space that doesn’t seem like Tokyo,

so you can record and shoot 24 hours a day.


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Available 24 hours

Steel : ¥ 20,000 (excluding tax) / 1 h (minimum usage 4 hours)

Movie : ¥ 25,000 (excluding tax) / 1 h (minimum usage 4 hours)

Rental Space : ¥ 120,000 (excluding tax) / 1day


※ Late night and early morning (20:00 to 8:00) We will charge 20% of the studio usage fee on Sundays and public holidays.
※ Charges for rental space apply only to events such as exhibitions and parties.
The available time will be 8:00 to 20:00 in principle.
Please contact us separately for overtime use.
※ The shooting target time is the time from the delivery to the complete removal.
※ Small movies (10 people or less) are subject to the steel fee.
※ The extension fee (in 1 hour unit) is the same as the above amount.
※ For regular and long-term use, there is also a discount service, please contact us.



Cash payment,Credit card(VISA,mastercard,AMERICAN EXPRESS,JCB,Diners Club, ,WeChatPay(微信支付)



Confirmation of availability by this contact form.

Temporary reservation.

Make a reservation by this contact form(please specify the usage time)

Please exchange by mail only.





BiF, Nanpeidai, F93, 17-6, Nampeidai-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0036, Japan


Customer coming from Shibuya Station]

1.Take the Daikanyama Circular Bus “Tokyu Trance” at No. 35 at Shibuya Station West Exit Bus Terminal.

2.Get off at the 2nd stop “Nampeidaicho”, turn right at Lawson-store just ahead of the direction of travel, and go straight in the direction of the old Yamate Dori(Kyu-Yamate Dori).

3. It is a basement 1F of the blue tiled exterior wall building (F93 Nanpeidai Building) on ​​the right side which went straight about 200m.


【Customer coming from Daikanyama Station】

1.Please get out from the front of Daikanyama Station and go straight to Hachiman-dori.

2.Turn left at Hachiman-dori, then turn right at Old Yamate-dori(Kyu-Yamate-Dori) towards the direction of Saigoyama Park.

3. Go straight about 800m, go through Nishigoyama Park, Zero First Design Shop, Malaysia Embassy and turn right at the right side of the catholic Shibuya Church and Men’s Bigi side road.

4. It is a basement 1F of the blue tiled exterior wall building (SVAX Building) on ​​the left after going straight about 80m.


【Customer coming by car】

・ Private parking lot is for 1 vehicle on site. If it is more than that, please use the area charge parking lot.

・ Please use the nearby toll parking lot for micro bus and large car. (Please refrain from parking on the street in front of the studio except for loading and unloading.)

・ The Company and the owner of the building do not take any responsibility in any case for damages or accidents of cars.

・ Please move the car by yourself.


Thank you!